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Guys and Girls, if you loved our YouTube videos and want a step-by-step guide on the products and techniques that are ideal for this look, well it’s your lucky day!!! 

Towie Girls

Remember this is a high glamour look, but not done right and it can look trashay!!! The trick is to blend and you’ll get that professional airbrushed finish looking polished not pants! Body doesn’t apply to just arms and legs it’s hair too so get that mane up in heated rollers for some volume and curves in all the right places. I’ll leave the vajazzles and BodyCons up to you but no doubt you’ll be so damn reem with this hot More is More look. So blow them all away with a bat of those loaded lashes and swing by the Sugar Hut to show them what you’re made of. 

If you haven’t watched our T.O.W.I.E makeover videos on Laura then damn it you better click this link now …. And get filled in!

What You Will Need:


  1. Primer
  2. Full coverage foundation (Mac Studio Fix Fluid. Let’s not lie it’s probably an NC37/NC40)
  3. Concealer (Mac Prolongwear Concealer/ Studio Finish Concealer)
  4. Highlighter for undereyes (YSL Touche Eclat)
  5. Powder (Translucent Powder AND Mac Studio Fix Plus Powder OR Mineralize Skinfinish Natural)
  6. Matte Bronzer (Bobbi Brown Natural OR Mac Give Me Sun!)
  7. Peach/Pink Blush (Matte or Shimmer)
  8. Powder Highlighter (Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in Beige OR Bronze. Caveat: This product is awesome!)/ gold shimmer eyeshadow 

Before and after makeovers from Oh So Wow 

Before TOWIE makeover After TOWIE Makeover

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  1. Eyebrow Pencil OR a dark brown matte/satin eyeshadow
  2. Eyeshadow Primer preferably in the colour you want your smokey eye to be in i.e black, brown, purple (Mac Paintpots, Blackground/Fluidline or Gel eyeliners/Urban Decay eyeshadow primer is quite good too)
  3. 3 eyeshadow colours: dark matte brown, matte black, shimmery highlighter colour. (Mac: Embark, Carbon, Naked Lunch/Tan Pigment)
  4. Black Kohl Pencil (Mac Feline/ Smoulder)
  5. Eyelash Curlers
  6. Black Mascara (Mac Zoomlash Fastblack or any of the Lancome Mascaras that will give intense volume and drama)
  7. False Eyelashes (Katy Perry Double Lashes are great for this look OR layer up some Mac 6’s and 48’s for a very heavy lash. If you’ve got smaller eyes 48’s on their own would be more than enough OR double up 12’s)
  8. Eyelash glue


  1. Nude Lip liner (Mac Stripdown/Cork/Boldly Bare)
  2. Coral Lipstick (Nars Barbarella OR Mac Crème D’Nude/Cherish/Hug Me)
  3. Plumping/ Brightening Lipgloss (Mac Love Nectar/Big Baby/Full For You/Richer Lusher)




  • Prep and Prime your skin
  • Apply Foundation
  • Apply Concealer
  • Highlight under eyes/cheekbones/bridge of nose/cupids bow (top of lip)/centre of chin/under eyebrows/forehead
  • Set with powder
  • Contour with bronzer
  • Pop Blush onto apples of cheeks
  • Tickle the Shimmerbrick lightly around the areas of the face that you’ve already highlighted.


  • Fill in Brows
  • Use an eyeshadow primer/base to paint the lid from lashes to half way up the eyelid
  • With a clean fluffy brush blend the rest of this product into your crease (the hollow between your eyeball and your brow bone)
  • Slide the same product underneath the eye from the outter corner to the inner corner where the tear duct is
  • Press matte black eyeshade on top (remember to tap off you excess powder from your brush first). With the same fluffy brush as before blend it gently into the crease. Repeat underneath the eye
  • With a pencil brush drag the matte brown eyeshadow through the crease and with the same fluffy brush as before blend the colour until it fades out. Repeat underneath the eye.
  • Load the black kohl pencil along the waterline and slide it up underneath your top lashes also. It helps to tilt your head back and look down into a mirror. Just think of encircling your entire eye in black eyeliner but just underneath the lashes so as it looks tidier.
  • At this point you can create a 3-d effect by simply popping the highlighter eyeshadow or pigment just bang in the centre of the lid, just softly blend the edges so it’s not too bright
  • Smudge any hard lines with the pencil brush you used earlier.


  • Gently curl you eyelashes
  • Load up the mascara on top and lower lashes
  • Measure false eyelashes up to your own (when fitting them try to see your first natural lash and your last natural lash. If the false lash is too long trim it from the outter edge snipping away the last few lashes until it fits snugly
  • You can wrap the lash around a makeup brush or your little finger to give it more of a bend
  • Squeeze a blob of glue onto a clean palette/hard surface and with the end (make sure it’s sanitized) of a disposable mascara wand or thin makeup brush glide the glue onto the band of the lash adding a touch more to the ends
  • Give it maybe 15seconds before applying the lash as when you let the glue dry a little and get sticky it adheres to the skin much more easily almost like a magnet! After the 15 seconds add a touch more glue if necessary, then apply by placing the lash on top of the lash line in the middle. Make sure it meets the skin like your natural lashes do, ensure you are happy with the positioning and then bend each side around.
  • At this point you can add more mascara on top of your false lashes however you won’t be able to re-use them as many times. If you’re applying a second set of lashes just repeat the previous steps.
  • Make sure the lashes blend in with the dark smokey eye by drawing a line of eyeliner along the lash line
  • If you haven’t put a shelf of translucent powder under the eye and you notice some fall out of dark shadow underneath, sweep it away with a moistened cotton bud of eye makeup remover and re apply under eye concealer


  • Brush the tiniest amount of concealer over your lips
  • Apply your chosen lippy
  • Sketch the lip liner around the perimeter of the lip creating whatever shape you like and with a lip brush blend the liner into the lipstick
  • Apply more lipstick if necessary to blend and slick your gloss on top
WOW  you are all done now and set for a good night out ! 


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